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Choosing Envirovent

There are a lot of software available on Android platform APP software, such as Android Studio, Unity 3D and Visual Studio. Usually written Android software will use the Java language, but my professional computer language is C #, so in my plan, I Intended to use Visual Studio to create software. I use Visual Studio to write software for three main reasons. First of all, I VisualStudio this programming software compared to other software more skilled, can save a lot of learning time. Second, my professional course SDV701 on the use of Visual Studio to create a great help software, I can very simple to find many of the information I need. Third, Visual Studio is a very good software, it can complete all the basic functions of the Android software. But unfortunately, Visual Studio needs to install the Android software plug-in to work, but I can not successfully install the plug-in to my computer. I have searched a lot of methods, but the final conclusion is Visual Studio own problem, so I chose another software to prepare NBUS APP.


Unity3D is a comprehensive game development tool developed by Unity Technologies that allows players to easily create multi-platforms such as 3D video games, architectural visualization, real-time 3D animation and other interactive content, is a fully integrated professional game engine. Unity is similar to Director, Blender game engine, Virtools or Torque Game Builder and so on using interactive graphical development environment as the primary way of the software. The editor runs under Windows and Mac OS X and can post games to Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android platforms. I plan to use the Unity GUI to make the software. But Unity3D main function is to create the game rather than the production of APP, although you can use the GUI to achieve the basic functions of NBUS need is not the best choice.


Android Studio is a specially developed software for the preparation of Android APP. Developers can use Android Studio to directly simulate the running and wrong content of the test program and can simulate a variety of mobile phones and various versions of the Android system, allowing developers to save a lot of unnecessary trouble. From a professional point of view, Android Studio is a very good choice, but his computer language is JAVA, if I choose Android Studio I need to pay more time to learn the new language, although the difference between JAVA and C # is not very Big, still need to find information to learn.


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So far I can not determine which software to use to write the program, but I am learning and viewing Android Studio tutorial. I hope that in September to complete all the basic learning, began to make the details of the software.

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Analysis Current APP

NBUS has an APP on the IOS platform. This APP uses a very simple GUI interface. The first interface directly displays the NBUS logo and its area and company. GUI interface has four main options, namely “Timetables”, “Fare Information”, “Route Map”, “More Information”.

“Timetable” function is very detailed, showing the arrival time of NBUS several primary sites and departure time, in addition to the weekend to create an additional interface to distinguish the weekend schedule and working days of the timetable.

“Fare Information” has an automatic calculation function, the user can choose the starting point and destination, the software can be based on the user’s choice to show different fares. Another fare is divided into “Adult”, “Child”, “Student / Senior” three different stages.

“Route Map” shows the entire bus route map for NBUS, although this is a fixed area map of the picture, there are options to view the specific route. For example: Nelson> Tahunaui> Stoke> Richmond.

“More Information” contains a lot of information about NBUS. For example, NBUS contact, upgrade the software and the bus late for the special instructions.

Based on my analysis and use of existing APPs, I think the main pieces of new software are: bus schedules, bus ticket calculators and displays, maps and descriptions of bus routes, and contact information about NBUS.

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Some questions about software making

My project task is for NBUS production of an Android mobile phone software APP Before starting to build this software, I need to have a meeting with NBUS employees. I want to know what kind of software they need. I have four main questions about this software.
First:  What kind of Android software GUI interface they want ? For example, what color do they want to give this software? Do I need to put NBUS logo on the interface?

Second: Did they want me to do something like their ios platform APP?

Third: What features they want me to implement on this software. For example, you can use this APP to buy a bus card or APP can display a bus route map?

Fourth: If NBUS has a database, did this software needs to be able to link to the database, according to the database changes to change the contents of the app?

I need to discuss these issues with NBUS, and understand what their needs, then I will start making this Andrews software.

Game production process records (2)

The initial production of the game requires a background for the entire game. You need to add a layer for this background, and look for some pictures as background images. According to the needs of the entire game to set the size of the background and the size of the game screen.


After setting the background, I need to make the first game characters. Designers need to create a separate layer, to prevent the character set and move the location of the time will destroy the background settings. In the new layer blank right mouse button Select Insert New Object can add many games must be the material, such as characters, background, text box and so on.


Then you can add a unit to the game, in the software on the right of the Object types named player. Double click on this object, you can open the character settings. I am looking for a picture of the characters on the Internet as the hero of the game. Sometimes the material of the photo is too large need to use the cut function, the picture will be properly handled.


Finally, in the Event sheet inside the characters and keyboard keys to connect, you can move through the keyboard’s arrow keys.

Learn some from CMS

The content management system is designed to provide access and storage of organizational data. There are two types of CMS, including Enterprise Content Management System (ECM) and Web Content Management System (WCM). 2000 began to become an important application areas, then. COM and B2B, B2C, etc. experienced the capital and market test and baptism, people back to the fundamentals of information technology applications – how to improve competitiveness, and content management is able to Through the production, management, value-added and re-use of various types of digital assets, improve the efficiency of the organization and the competitiveness of enterprises, business units began to realize the importance of content management.
CMS has many excellent templates based on the design, you can speed up the development of the site and reduce the cost of development. CMS functionality is not limited to text processing, it can also handle pictures, Flash animation, audio stream, image and even e-mail files. CMS also points to the types of platform scripts.Gartner Group that content management from the content should include internal content management, Web content management, e-commerce transaction content management and enterprise extranet information sharing content management (such as CRM and SCM, etc. ), Web content management is the current focus, e-business and XML is to promote the development of content management source. The WCM system provides a convenient platform for creating, editing, and uploading content for a website. The ECM system is designed to store organizational data in a centralized location, which allows multiple members to collaborate on a single document or file. A good example is Google Drive because it provides simultaneous access to multiple users to edit stored data.

Therefore, the essence of CMS is to provide a platform for storing, organizing and editing data.

Game production process records(1)

I summarize four different game production software, “Game maker studio”, “RPG Maker”, “Construct  2” and “Unity 3D”, based on previous surveys. I originally planned to create a RPG type of game, but because the individual software is a free trial version, so can not set the event, I began to make a similar super Mario horizontal version of the action game.I first use Construct 2 to create an example, according to Construct 2 production process and the results to sum up the differences between the various game software.

Using Construct 2 to create a game you first need to understand the purpose of each major interface. In the game production is often used in an interface is “Projects”. The producer can see what instance he added in this interface and think about how to set up the instance.


Next is the “Properties” interface, this interface is to set the property to the game, whether it is the property of the item effects or size of the location can be changed in this interface.


“Lable” represents your game preview and event settings. Construct 2 as a do not need to have the basic knowledge of coding software production software is the most important event settings. The creator can create a set of logical sequences through Construct 2 to make the game flow. For example, you need to add actions to people, you can in the “Event sheet” tab inside the keyboard keys and characters set up contact. And then in the game preview interface by F5 for game testing.


Game maker program to deploy games to the web(4)

constrct 2

Construct 2 is a 2D graphical engine for the graphical interface. Built a variety of common modules and physical operations, and support third-party plug-in expansion. With the HTML5 architecture, you can easily develop cross-platform applications.
Construct 2 biggest feature is through the event to achieve a variety of game logic, game designers do not need to pay too much emphasis on the code part, only need a certain logical thinking and good art skills can easily develop more professional games. And on the official website there are many game developers to design a free plug-in for everyone to download, so Construct 2 can almost complete any game you can imagine. Construct 2 has a powerful event system that allows the game to perform the required operations in a visual and human readable manner. There is no need to remember the complex and mysterious language. As event programming becomes intuitive, the designer’s focus is placed on the design game by creating events by selecting possible conditions and actions from an organized list. The event results list or event table is designed to be read as easily as possible so that beginners can also get immediate results. The entire event table can be reused at other levels to save you re-create other levels of events. Each event table has a list of events that contain conditional statements or triggers. Once satisfied, you can perform actions or functions. Groups can be used to enable / disable multiple events at once, and also for organizations in large projects. Advanced event logic, such as OR blocks, sub-events, local variables, and recursive functions, allows complex systems to be programmed without learning more difficult programming languages.
Construct 2 uses a single project to publish games on various platforms. There is no need to maintain multiple code libraries. By using constructor-based HTML5-based engines, you can export to most major platforms. Publish your own website, Chrome Web Store, Facebook, Kongregate, NewGrounds, Firefox Marketplace or Scirra Arcade to share your creative and easy access to the web. In Construct 2, the designer can preview the game at any time. There is no need to wait for compilation or other time-consuming processes. When you press RUN, the designer can run the game in the browser window and test it at any time. This allows rapid prototyping and iterative development, which can be tested throughout the creation process, making it easier to detect and correct problems. In this way, the game creation becomes more intuitive, especially beginners.

Game maker program to deploy games to the web(3)

Unity 3D

Unity3D is a comprehensive game development tool developed by Unity Technologies that allows players to easily create multi-platforms such as 3D video games, architectural visualization, real-time 3D animation and other interactive content, is a fully integrated professional game engine. Unity is similar to Director, Blender game engine, Virtools or Torque Game Builder and so on using interactive graphical development environment as the primary way of the software. The editor runs under Windows and Mac OS X and can post games to Windows, Mac, Wii, iPhone, WebGL (requires HTML5), Windows phone 8 and Android platform. You can also use the Unity web player plugin to publish web games that support Mac and Windows web browsing. Its web player is also supported by Mac widgets. Unity is free at present, and the official for Unity Pro and Unity iOS Pro 30-day full-featured trial period, beginners can use C # and JS quickly get started. Using Unity 3D requires understanding of Unity 3D’s menu and view interface, and then understanding the coordinates of the scene system, if you can not understand the coordinate system will create a very difficult for your game. Finally, the developer needs to understand the basic concepts of the basic scene, clear the relationship between the hierarchy view, the project view, and the property view. Although Unity3D entry easy, really proficient, it is quite difficult.

Game maker program to deploy games to the web(2)

Game maker studio

YoYo Games in Dundee, Scotland, announced the launch of the new version of GameMaker: Studio commercial software, making this initial release in 1999, a simple game development tools old trees sprout. YoYo Games says GameMaker: Studio integrates drag-and-drop interfaces to support platforms such as HTML5, Facebook, Android, iOS, Symbian, Windwos and OS X to provide new functionality and performance to GameMaker community developers. This tool was only popular among independent developers and game educator circles, but as a cross-platform tool, it is expected to attract more development studios after new improvements. The company hopes to take advantage of the outbreak of networking, social and mobile games, so that the development of a one-time game for the production of a number of popular platform version, without having to double the cost of growth. YoYo Games estimated that this software can make the game on the mobile platform to control the cost of less than 10,000 US dollars, while the cost of developing a social game is controlled at less than 50,000 US dollars. The main part of this latest release is the ability to publish games on multiple platforms, not just an “industry standard” engine, such as Unity, Unreal Engine, Shiva and GameSalad. In addition, the game development software can add software extensions to handle social networks, advertising and payment systems, and support the upcoming new platform. It has everything from concept to completion of the game. Featuring a new user interface and many new exciting features, including real-time animation editing, a new innovative workflow and a seamless path from drag-and-drop to actual code to help developers more easily develop high-quality games! GameMaker: Studio 2 provides a powerful programming language for professionals and provides beginners with a trick-free workflow and a comprehensive set of tools to quickly develop high-quality games at an affordable price. With the most advanced exporters, across all leading platforms (including mobile, console and desktop) can achieve rapid cross-platform deployment. For example, can output the output of native iOS and Android applications, Facebook or network distribution for the production of HTML5 page code. This series of features to download this software more than 10 million times, more than 500,000 developers.

Game maker program to deploy games to the web(1)

This week I try study and use for four different game production software, they are: Game maker studio, RPG Maker, Unity 3D, Contract 2.

RPG Maker

RPG Maker is a software that does not require producers to have much understanding of programming. He is mainly by allowing the author to use the event editor, to set the logical map event trigger and other items. Producers only need to think about the development of the game and the design of the map, there is no need to worry about any game code problems. RPG Maker will be in the game all the necessary modules are stored in the library, the players like the building blocks can be combined together. RPG Maker has gone through a lot of versions, officially recognized as the first call “RPG Maker 98”, in which the first introduction of the concept of events, and in this to determine the importance and necessity of the event. System, plus a look to understand the simple set, with this made the game also appeared a lot of masterpieces. The most popular version of the producer is “RPG Maker 2003”, which is considered to be the easiest and easy to use version. This version does not require producers to have a deep understanding of the script, only need to design the event and The logical arrangement of the script module. “RPG Maker 2003” drawback is because the development of early, so poor quality, and the function is not as rich version of the current version. Now the latest version is “RPG VX”, improved module generator, more convenient producer design game and production module. The built-in scripting module uses Ruby as the scripting language. The new event system can create different events based on different layers, the original “fast event creator”, you can quickly create a variety of map events, such as the simple creation of a map to other maps are used by many independent developers, which also There are games to participate in the independent game section, and get very good results.